Self Service Laundry

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Your Pinnacle of Cleanliness and Convenience for Self-Service Laundry in Pensacola, FL

Welcome to The Wash Room, Pensacola’s premier self-service laundromat, where cleanliness meets cutting-edge technology for a laundry experience like no other. Our commitment is to provide you with the cleanest and most high-tech facilities, ensuring your laundry routine is not only efficient but also enjoyable.


Washing Machines

20lb –  $3    40lb –  $6   
60lb – $8   80lb  – $10


45 lb – $2   75 lb – $3

Immaculate Spaces, Impeccable Service:

Step into a spotless environment where hygiene takes center stage. Our state-of-the-art machines are meticulously maintained to deliver a pristine laundry experience every time. At The Wash Room, cleanliness is not just a promise; it’s our standard. Each machine includes Ozone cleaning free of charge.

Revolutionizing Convenience:

Say goodbye to the hassle of coins and cash with our dual-payment system. Whether you prefer the traditional route of coins or the modern convenience of credit cards, we’ve got you covered. But that’s not all – take your laundry experience to the next level with our user-friendly app.

Seamless Transactions with The Wash Room App:

Load money onto your account effortlessly within our dedicated app, eliminating the need for coins or cash. The Wash Room app is designed with your convenience in mind, allowing you to manage your laundry funds with a few taps on your phone. Enjoy the freedom to monitor your account balance, track machine availability, and receive notifications when your laundry is ready for pick-up – all from the palm of your hand.

Key Features of The Wash Room App:

  1. Instant Fund Loading: Top up your account seamlessly, ensuring you’re always ready for a stress-free laundry session.
  2. Machine Availability Tracker: Plan your visit efficiently by checking real-time machine availability through the app.
  3. Notification Alerts: Receive timely alerts when your laundry is washed, dried, and ready for collection – no more waiting around!
  4. Account Management Made Easy: Keep tabs on your laundry expenses and manage your account effortlessly with the app’s user-friendly interface.

Why Choose The Wash Room?

  • Hygienic Excellence: Our commitment to cleanliness sets us apart, ensuring your clothes are washed in an immaculate environment.
  • Versatile Payment Options: Enjoy the flexibility of choosing between credit cards and coins for a payment method that suits your preferences.
  • Tech-Savvy Convenience: Embrace the future of laundry with The Wash Room app, simplifying your laundry experience in ways you never thought possible.


At The Wash Room, we believe that your laundry experience should be as enjoyable as it is efficient. With our spotlessly clean facilities, versatile payment options, and a cutting-edge app, we’ve redefined the standard for self-service laundromats in Pensacola. Join us in the pursuit of immaculate cleanliness and unparalleled convenience – because at The Wash Room, your laundry is our business, and your satisfaction is our priority.